Transforming Technology Innovation into a Leading Consumer Brand

Innovators of the technology that established printable grocery coupons, revolutionized consumer marketing for CPG brands by helping consumers save millions at the check-out line. To spearhead dramatic expansion into new markets, they needed a user experience redesign to drive conversion and support a multi-year plan for growth, and an aspirational brand to strengthen business partnerships. Across three years as's design agency, that's exactly what we delivered.

A More Valuable Customer Experience

Following our rebranding of and logo design for, we partnered with the company to create an entirely new user experience for their customer-facing website. Built on a business model and white-label, single-purpose technology catering more to partner websites,'s user experience reflected the sensibilities of its engineering team, but offered consumers one-track functionality, and not much else. We got to work on creating a more user-centric experience that would increase average lifetime customer value, with a site archtecture to support the gradual addition of new types of deals, user accounts, and more.

Built for More than Consumers, Built for Business

While delivering increased consumer value is a priority for coupon companies, they ultimately are in the business of helping businesses move product. To help more effectively meet the needs of their partners, we identified multiple opportunities throughout the site experience to offer brand manufacturers increased visibility. We integrated flexible marketing opportunities throughout the site experience to give's sales team just the pitch they needed to strengthen relationships with major brand partners like Kraft, General Mills, and Kellogg’s.

Designed for Differentiation

The online deals space is one of the most crowded on the internet, with me-too copycats seemingly everywhere. We transformed a more business- and consumer-friendly experience into a premium online deals brand, befitting's position in the industry. The results move from undifferentiated coupon website designed more to support technical requirements to a brand that's the standard bearer for online deals.

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