A New Publishing Platform for a Policy Leader

Nonprofit think tank the Middle East Policy Center has been providing Middle East policy insight and analysis for nearly 30 years. Saddled with a cumbersome online publishing system and poorly architected website, the MEPC needed a quicker, easier way to publish, and a user experience that made their research more accessible. We partnered with the MEPC to transform how they publish, while helping them more effectively engage and influence audiences around the world.

User-Centric Content

Like most policy-driven nonprofits, the Middle East Policy Council has volumes of research and commentary, but struggled to effectively connect their audience to it online. To help the MEPC better engage readers, we started with an audit of the Council’s decades of content, creating a more user-centric strategy that more effectively organizes their research. We then architected a user experience that makes it easy for readers to quickly access content by categories that are most meaningful to them, like regions, topics, author, and series.

Putting a Premium on Content

Best known for their respected print journal, "Middle East Policy," the MEPC needed to take 3 decades of PDFs and turn them into a valuable online archive. We converted hundreds of Journals and created stronger content relationships by building a database organized by keywords based on multiple criteria. We then created a premium content model that encourages subscription by giving MEPC the ability to designate "Print Only" previews of recent journal content.

A Platform for High-Volume Publishing

Like many policy nonprofits, MEPC's dedicated staff for web publishing was challenged to keep up with their high volume of research, commentary and events. To better support their staff, we designed custom editorial workflows to make publishing by multiple staff members easier, allowing them to publish more timely commentary. The results help MEPC stimulate fresh thinking around the world on current events, allowing the them to deliver immediate insight on international affairs and foreign policy as they unfold—while offering the historical perspective only MEPC can on the most pressing issues facing the Middle East.

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