Delivering the Economic & Political Truths About American Oil Dependence

Securing America’s Future Energy is leading a nonpartisan effort to reduce U.S oil dependence, to both improve energy security and strengthen the economy. We helped the nonprofit build a website that's advancing the cause by creating understanding of the coordinated measures necessary to move America towards a post-oil transportation sector—and a safer, more sustainable future.

Raising Awareness of the Crisis, and the Consequences

Securing America’s Future Energy has been a leader on energy security long before it became a buzzword on Capitol Hill. And when the stakes are high, motivating audiences typically focused on the next election cycle or quarterly earnings report takes fast-forwarding the seriousness of the crisis and the very real costs of inaction. SAFE needed a website to effectively compliment their efforts in boardrooms and on The Hill to unite governmental and business interests in dramatically reducing U.S. oil dependence.

The Credibility and Expertise to Lead

SAFE stands apart from other nonprofits in the energy sector with their ability to engage business, military and diplomatic leaders as active collaborators. Instead of using these high-profile names as “window dressing” as many nonprofits often do, SAFE’s website leverages the power of their leadership’s involvement, presenting coordinated and consistent efforts across numerous initiatives—from energy summits and leadership councils to crisis simulations.

Speaking Clearly to Experts & Novices Alike

Given the complexity of the economic, policy, and national security issues, Securing America’s Future Energy’s new site needed to effectively communicate to casual visitors and policy wonks alike. The site balances these needs by succinctly making the case with top-line takeaways that educate newcomers, while policy paper database provides the depth of detail necessary to influence knowledgeable policymakers. As a result, SAFE remains a key player in the U.S. energy security debate, influencing the decisions critical to dramatically reducing U.S. oil dependence and strengthening our economy.

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