New Leadership Addressing the Risks of American Oil Dependence

Nonprofit, Securing America’s Future Energy is leading a nonpartisan effort to reduce U.S oil dependence, to both improve energy security and strengthen the economy. As SAFE's design firm since it's inception, we helped build a website that's advancing the cause by increasing understanding of the coordinated measures necessary to move America towards a post-oil transportation sector—and a safer, more sustainable future.

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Securing America's Future Energy Branding & Report Design Case Study

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W3 Interactive Silver Award, Website Redesign

Horizon Interactive Gold Award, Nonprofit

Best in Class Interactive Media Award

Communicator Award of Distinction

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““Often, non-profit organizations rely on multiple, uncoordinated design partners to help build their brand. The results are usually as scattered as the teams who create them. It’s much more effective to establish a long-term relationship with one creative services agency that provides strategic branding and top-notch design consistently through the years. That’s exactly what MSDS has done for us.””

– Robbie Diamond, President and CEO

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